Our Services


N Design Team is a single source to four services - Architectural Models, Laser Work, 3D Scale Model Printing, and 3D Animation. These services are today vastly requested in construction of different types of architecture and structure creations. Some services by us become helpful to create a base design for largest civil construction, some are used for designing purposes and some fulfill the requirements of advertisement, promotion, awareness and packaging.

We do a lot of things from a single place known as N Design Team. Our services stay on accountable for a number of remarkable creations. Our architectural model service furnishes ideal exteriors and interiors to a civil construction. A tangible design of a civil construction serves its purposes in better way than those made on paper or through using a computer application. A number of people ask for architectural model service for their domestic and industrial requirement.

Our laser cutting service is recommend for those tasks which cannot be done by using ordinary methods. While looking sharp cutting with purest designing aesthetic then nothing else than laser cutting can provide the best output. Laser cutting services by us are of utmost quality. Laser cutting service provides high quality edges and surface finish in a design.

We also offer 3D Scale Model Printing services that are available for different types of advertisement, promotion, awareness and packaging requirements. We conceive ideas for your requirements. For 3D Scale Model Printing we have expert designers as well as all latest computer applications. Our 3D Scale Model Printing service serves to your purpose as exactly as you desire.

Those requiring their plans moving and alive can hire our service of 3D Animation. We have experts who help you show your ideas through 3D animation. We have best facility and latest software to generate high quality 3D animation to your plans.

All our services are based on our thorough industrial expertise brought by experts. We have a team made of specialist people. Our team includes skilled personnel for each of the services we provide. In last, you are requested to contact us if you need more information to any of our services.